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Understanding Environmetal Sustainability

This qualification is now availiable 

Developed  to support the Race to NetZero and is an important step in  your organisations sustainability journey

Suitable for all learners:

14-16 year old learners (School)
16-18 year olds (College or Training)
19+ and Adults (College, Training or in the Workplace)

Staff - as a CPD  activity


We can also  supply you with a Carbon Reduction Plan template to combine with the carbon footprinting activites to support your organisation in the race to NetZero

Funding can be accessed for all learners for this course

Ideal to be added to any study programme, course or as a short stand alone course. Perfect for staff CPD.

The aim of the qualifications are to enable learners to:

- To gain an understanding of sustainable development

- To develop an understanding of clean energy

- To  understand decarbonisation and carbon footprints

Total Qulification Time ( TQT 20)

This is an  online course and is made up of the following sections:


Part one: Introduction to sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)

Part two: Greenhouse Gases and the Greenhouse effect 

Part three: Understanding the impacts of Humans on the planet 

Part four: Types of energy 

Part five: Understanding solar energy 

Part six: Understanding wind energy production 

Part seven: Carbon footprints

Part eight: Reducing carbon footprints and the race to Net Zero carbon

Part nine: Final Assessment

The final assesssment is made up of 30 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 60% (this can be adjusted to meet your organisations needs)



Please get in contact for further details, we have different models to sort your organisations needs!


All of our courses are eligible for funding via the EFSA, AEB or can be co-funded with our FE partners.

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