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Whatever your organisations project management needs are, Pike Education can work together with your teams to deliver. Regardless of your organisation type (6th Form Colleges, GFE Colleges, Independent Training Providers, or large multi-site colleges), size or budget (within reason).


By working together, we can formulate a cost-effective solution to your organisations individual needs, challenges and barriers, to deliver within an agreed time-frame. 


Examples of projects that we can help you with are:

- IT migration projects (working with vendors and your teams) to deliver transformation projects at an cost-effective rate and achievable time-scale. For example, migration to new Student Record Systems, Website builds on new Virtual Learning Environments (VLE's).

​- Curriculum Design of new study programmes which access  funding and provide  new solutions to the  level 3 adult entitlement. Linked to Local Skills Improvement Plans, local and national priorities and working with local employers and stakeholder groups.

- Embedding the EIF into your organisational framework, working with you to develop systems, policy, and practice, which will enable you to demonstrate and showcase what you do best. ​

- Growing your organisations operational and strategic capacity, working alongside your teams, on the development and embedding of strategic work practices, vision planning and improving financial health.


- Nurturing and providing hands on support for your leadership teams to create change, culture shift and growth in Improvement ‘Journey’ planning and strategy.

- Or through joint collaborations, we can work together to formulate individualised and personalised projects, which meet your organisations bespoke requirements.

... in the sector, by the sector and for the sector!

For further details or an initial conversation, please get in touch.


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