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On your marks, get set ... let the sustainability journey begin!

Since our release from the horrors of Covid-19 lockdown, a new dawn for sustainability has emerged.

Interestingly most of us did not witness the birth of the #Greenrevolution, which was embedded in the Conservative Parties manifesto for the snap 2019 general election. However, the headlines at the time were snaffled by Brexit.

Fast forward through Covid-19, and the #greenrevolution recieved a much needed reboot by the #G7 in Cornwall in June 2021 (Russia were missing due to the Crimea issue).

Sustainability was back up the global agenda, and #buildbackbetter was morphed into #buildbackgreener and then #buildbackbetterworld or #B3W.

Further momentum and urgency has been introduced via the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change #IPPC report. Summarising the 'science' the report has unequivocally reported we are at ‘code red for humanity’.

"Rapid and sustained cuts to greenhouse gas emissions are the only way to limit sea level rise, heatwaves, droughts and fires".

The next chapter is #COP26 or the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, being hosted in Glasgow on 1st - 12th November. The meeting will create a global sustainability roadmap. Predicted outcomes, possibly include statutory carbon footprinting, decarbonisation and green accredition for buisnesses.

Challenging targets for reducing Green House Gases (GHG) emissions will be reviewed, adjusted and hopefully enshrined in national and international law. This will be accompanied by the mobilisation of appropriate big finance, in order to foster momentum to create change and impact.

The race to #netcarbonzero is on. There are not many ready made solutions, YET!

Humanity ingenuity, planning, technology and mobilisation will be tested to the fore.

Momentum is the key, all sectors will be challenged to contribute towards the stringent GHG reduction targets that have been set.

The #FurtherEducation and #Training sector has a crucial role to play. Additional funding, reform and a new impetus has been introduced through the #FEwhitepaper and the subsequent #SkillsBill. New structures and ways of working are being introduced through Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIP's), Skills Bootcamps and the repositioning of the sector as the vector for change, responsible for driving leveling up, reskilling and recovery.

Personally, exciting times and I am up for the challenge! I can finely combine my passion for education and sustainability to help create solutions. All organisations must rise up to the challenges, which we all face together. Old inaccurate barriers, focused on exagerated costs, technology and other priorities, will need to be quickly dismantled and overcome, as change needs to happen at pace.

Green light ... Go, go go !

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