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e-learning - During COVID-19 Lockdown

At the start lockdown in March 2020, I was working in an FE College in Central London, I was project managing the Strategic College Improvement Fund (SCIF) to improve the quality of teaching and learning. As part of the project I created a Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC), which was a space for Advanced Practitioners (AP's) and Teachers to meet, carryout Team based based CPD, Coaching & Mentoring and a Pedagogy resource base.

As part of the SCIF, I recruited a fantastic e-learning technician (Golda), together we worked together to manage the TLC and we created a virtual learning space called Tutor Space (on MS Sharepoint). When lockdown began, we were part of a newly merged College and we had to lead on delivering the e-learning stratergy across the organisation by using Tutor Space to share training resources for all staff, managers, external partners, stakeholders and learners across all three campuses.

We developed and delivered training for managers, staff and students. To maximise impact we trainned the a AP team, who then rolled this out across the organisation. This included:

Advanced for Microsoft Teams: Intergrating MS office / MS Notes / Forms - For the delivery of on-line teaching and learning for all remote delivery to learners.

Google Suite: Intergrating Google Classrooms / Google Hangouts / Google Sites - Sharing of resources, setting assignments, providing feedback to learners and an alternative video platform to MS teams, which is more student friendly. Learners on creative programmes (Fashion, Art & Design) used Google sites to set up their own web sites and to share their work in place of the end of year shows.

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