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Understanding Decarbonisation 
This training programme is now availiable 

The purpose of this programme is to provide in-depth learning and insight into the historical causes of climate change, including the key scientific evidence of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Reviewing the impacts and the solutions that are being deployed to limit global temperature rises to 1.5 Celsius in the race to NetZero.


This has been developed to support the race to NetZero and as an important step in an organisation or individuals sustainability journey.


This programme is designed to be delivered as a stand-alone programme (e.g. For adults via AEB funding), or to run along-side other programmes of learning as part of a study programme. It is ideal for learners that have completed the Understanding Environmental Sustainability or a Carbon Literacy course.

  • A single unit of 30 GLH - available on-line

  • Suitable for all learners 

  • Assessment is by an on-line multiple-choice quiz

Learners who complete the programme are awarded a digital credential from City & Guilds, which states that they: understands sustainability, decarbonisation, climate change and clean energy.

This is an  online course and is made up of the following sections: 

Section 1: Defining "Decarbonisation"

Section 2: Understanding The Main Sources Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Section 3: Explaining The Human Contribution To Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels

Section 4: Describing The Main Causes Of The Greenhouse Effect And Climate Change

Section 5: Understanding The  Impact Of Human Carbon On The Greenhouse Effect And Climate Change

Section 6: Understanding The Differences Between Renewable And Non-Renewable Energy Sources

Section 7: Describing The Main Features Of Solar Energy Production

Section 8: Describing The Main Features Of Wind Energy Production


Final assessment - is made up of a mutiple choice test with a pass rate of 60%



Please get in contact for further details, we have different models to meet your organisations needs!


All of our courses are eligible for funding via the EFSA, AEB or can be co-funded with our FE partners.

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