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Understanding Decarbonisation 


This course is now availiable 

The aim of this courses is to:

“Introduce the advanced concepts of carbon footprints and ways of reducing them for individuals, businesses and communities.”


Suitable for all learners 16+ and Adults

Total Qualification Time ( TQT 30 hours)

This is an  online course and is made up of the following sections: 

Section 1: Defining "Decarbonisation"

Section 2: Understanding The Main Sources Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Section 3: Explaining The Human Contribution To Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels

Section 4: Describing The Main Causes Of The Greenhouse Effect And Climate Change

Section 5: Understanding The  Impact Of Human Carbon On The Greenhouse Effect And Climate Change

Section 6: Understanding The Differences Between Renewable And Non-Renewable Energy Sources

Section 7: Describing The Main Features Of Solar Energy Production

Section 8: Describing The Main Features Of Wind Energy Production


Final assessment - is made up of two mutiple choice tests with a pass rate of 60%


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