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Welcome to Pike Education & Training Services Ltd

Consultancy expertise for the Further Education & Skills (FES) Sector

... in the sector, by the sector and for the sector.

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Redefining leadership through strategic evidence-based decision making, enhancing financial health, quality and curriculum performance.


Sustainability expert, translating policy into practice.

Working to support all organisations in the Further Education and Skills sector to reach new levels of success, by  manoeuvring and harnessing emerging challenges and opportunities.


Providing evidence-based solutions to drive growth, improved effiency, enhanced productivity, improved oversight of leadership impact, governance and delivering sustainability solutions to ensure compliaimproving . 

Enabling organisations to improve capacity and resilience, by planning and owning the narrative of their quality improvement journey, whilst, enhancing financial health,  engaging key stake-holders and future proofing organisations against change and uncertainty.  

Responding to client needs and offer the following services:



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