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Introduction to Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

This training programme is now availiable 

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Creating understanding of the importance of hydrogen as a fuel. Beginning with its basic physical and chemical properties, this course culminates in the latest breakthroughs around this highly versatile clean technology.

The purpose of this programme is to introduce the evolution of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen technologies for use today. Learners' will gain an appreciation for this promising energy source. and will  learn how it works in vehicles and devices, as well as its potential applications across many industries. Through hands-on activities and real-world examples, they explore the environmental and economic implications of using hydrogen in our daily lives.

The course examines issues ranging from safety protocols to regulations surrounding the production and transport of hydrogen fuel. By understanding these challenges and uncovering new opportunities, students can help shape a more sustainable future for us all. Finally, participants discover ways to access further knowledge in line with their own interests and initiatives that contribute to a greener world for everyone.


This has been developed to support the race to NetZero and as an important step in an organisation or individuals sustainability journey.

This programme is designed to be delivered as a stand-alone programme (e.g. For adults via AEB funding), or to run along-side other programmes of learning as part of a study programme. It is ideal to combine with out ther programmes to create a espoke 'Green Skills / Renewables' programme. 

  • A single unit of 20 GLH - available on-line

  • Suitable for all learners 

  • Assessment is by an on-line multiple-choice quiz

Learners who complete the programme are awarded a digital credential from City & Guilds, which states: This individual understands the principles, design and usage of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies

This is an  online course and is made up of the following sections: 

Section 1: What is hydrogen and where does it come from?

Section 2: Storing and transporting hydrogen

Section 3: The hydrogen economy

Section 4: Industrial hydrogen health & safety

Section 5: Introduction to Fuell cells

Section 6: Applications of fuel cells

Section 7: The future of fuel cells 

Section 8: Final assessment - 30 Multiple Choice questions

Final assessment - is made up of a mutiple choice test with a pass rate of 60%


Please get in contact for further details, we have different models to meet your organisations needs!

All of our courses are eligible for funding via the EFSA, AEB or can be co-funded with our FE partners.

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