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Supporting society to embrace change 

Sustainability journey planning

Accelerating decarbonisation

Environmental Sustainability Curriculum Offer




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Providing evidence-based solutions to drive growth, improved efficiency, enhanced productivity, better oversight of leadership and governance, while directly addressing sustainability and mitigating the impacts of whole organisations on the environment.


Enabling organisations to improve capacity and resilience, by planning and owning the narrative of their sustainability improvement journey. Engaging and empowering key stakeholders and future proofing organisations against change and uncertainty.

Championing  sustainable practices, based on scientific evidence  and up-to-date research.

Challenging 'greenwashing' and facilitating change


About Me ...

Environmental consultant


Further Education and Training Sector Leader


Passionate about transformative education, that changes lives, creates impact and contributes to making the World a slightly better place!


  • Extensive experience in:

  • Leadership

  • Project Management

  • Curriculum Design

  • Innovation 

  • Change Management