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Programmes that close the green skills gap

No additional resource needed 
to deliver the programme

No additional resource needed to deliver the programme

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No subscription costs. Own the SCORM files.

Created by teaching experts from 
the green sector.

Created by teaching experts from the green sector.

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Our programmes close the gap on green skills

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Our flagship programmes are designed to comprehensively introduce the learner to all elements of the emerging field of sustainability and our place within it.

These programmes offer the learner a very thorough introduction into the theory, development, practice and efficacy of three main sustainable energy sources used domestically and commercially.

Learners taking on any one of these courses will enhance their practical and theoretical understanding of technologies designed to reduce and reverse the effects of green house gasses.

These programmes lead the learner through a journey of discovery in emerging and future technologies; the real-world applications that they already have, and the potential impact they may have in future.

Engaging with any of these programmes will allow the learner to augment their knowledge on how they can use I.T. to streamline everything from construction, to design to facilities management and domestic life to improve sustainability and efficiency.

Who are the programmes for?

For Business

Our training programmes can help you enhance your employees’ awareness of, and capacity to comply with, your organisation’s environmental sustainability and carbon emission policies.

For energy sector organisations, we have numerous introductory programmes that can upskill your workers on the technologies and issues surrounding sustainable energy generation.

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For Education

The need to prepare people of all ages for the  Green Economy has never been more pressing. Whether this involves general training around the emerging employment opportunities of the Green Sector, the principles of Environmental Sustainability and Decarbonisation or, introducing them to more technical information to complement their existing training on renewable energy technologies, the Pike Education suite of training programmes is ideal.

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Pike Education have been instrumental in supporting the development of Green Skills  short courses.

Stella Raphael-Reeves, Vice Principal Higher Education and Business Partnerships, South Thames Colleges Group